We supply Freshly Roasted Wholesale Coffee Beans, blended to suit all tastes.

"Primo Caffé Guru" is our own brand of Premium Coffee Beans sourced from many of the major coffee bean growing areas of the World. Our blends have been specially created to provide a range of coffee for Coffee Shops, Cafes and Restaurants that will satisfy the average customers palette right through to the hardened coffee drinker. We have four blends, including Fairtrade and Triple Certified. All of our Coffees are also available Pre-Ground for use with Pour + Serve or Bulk Brew Coffee Machines.

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All of Our Coffee Beans are Freshly Roasted to Order

So why is "Freshly Roasted" best? Coffee beans contain over 800 diverse aromatic compounds. Scientific studies have shown that major changes occur within a few days of roasting. Over the following 10-14 days, changes are progressively significant. After 3 wks a large proportion of aromatics have gone. Oxygen is the enemy of roasted beans. It’s not a steady deterioration. Once it starts, the process accelerates. After 2 weeks a “stale” flavour will be noticeable. Modern packaging controls this process by having a non return valve that allows the coffee "vapours" to escape but prevents the oxygen getting in. However, sooner or later, the coffee will have given up all of it's aromatics. Freshly Roasted means your coffee comes to you within 7 days of roasting. This means you get the most out of your coffee as it's at the beginning of it's "ageing" process. Some well known coffees roasted abroad may be sitting in a shipping container and on a warehouse shelf for weeks before you get it. Therefore, you're not always sure how old it is. 

Primo Caffé Guru Coffee Bean Range

In the Beginning...The Coffee story started way back in the 13th Century in Ethiopia. However, there is a story of an Ethiopian goat herder discovering coffee beans in the 9th Century! By the 16th Century it had spread all around the Middle East, Persia, Turkey and North Africa. It then spread to Italy, the rest of Europe and on to Indonesia and the Americas. Thanks to those intrepid explorers and traders, we now have a source of both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from around the world that provide different characteristics that are influenced by Country, region and climate. These can be blended and roasted in various ways to give a wealth of "Taste Profiles".

"Classic Italian Espresso Super Crema" - A Medium Roast blend of Arabica and Robusta Coffee Beans and will suit the majority of coffee drinkers. Deep, rich, chocolaty and punchy with a powerful liquorice and rose water finish. Earthy notes throughout with an underlying spicy chocolate feel. Excellent body that cuts through milky drinks well. Arabica Coffee Beans come from Brazils Mogiana Region. (Video 1) Ethiopian Djimmah Region (Video 2) and the Indian Bhadra Region. The Washed Robusta Beans also come from India. It's an excellent coffee that will suit a range of coffee businesses and their customers: Coffee Shops, Cafes, Restaurants, Takeaway Food Outlets, Office Coffee Stations.


"Intenso Dolce Espresso" -For those who prefer something with a bit more body... This is a 85% Arabica and Robusta Medium Dark Roast. It's an intense, but sweet, full bodied Espresso with a good deal of power. A dark blend of strength, perfect for lattes and cappuccinos. High quality coffees from six major coffee-growing areas of the World lend a balanced and sweet taste to this darkly roasted traditionally Italian blend. A good choice for coffee businesses whose customers are more serious coffee drinkers or would like to offer a range of coffees to suit all palates. Once again, the Arabica Coffee Beans come from Brazils Mogiana Region. Ethiopian Djimmah Region and the Indian Bhadra Region. Added to this are beans from the Colombian Huila (pronounced Weela Region) (Video 3) and the Sumatran Aceh Region (Video 4). Asian naturally processed Robusta beans complete the blend.


"Fairtrade Italian Espresso"- Our Ethical Fairtrade-Certified Classic Italian Espresso. A blend of FT Brazilian Arabica beans from the Minas Gerais Region (Video 5) produced by the Cooperativa dos Produtores de Cafe Especial de Boa Esperança and FT Tanzanian Robusta produced by the KCU (Kagera Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union) (Video 6). High Robusta content gives this coffee a real kick at the back and sides of the mouth, but is balanced by a malty, sweet nuttiness at the tip of the tongue. An excellent blend for cappuccinos and lattes.100% Fairtrade. 

"Triple Certified Espresso" - The specification of Triple Certified is 100% Fairtrade, 100% Organic and 30% RFA (Rainforest Alliance). This blend of Arabica and Robusta has excellent body and is punchy through milk. There is a toffee and butterscotch sweetness with bright acidity and smokey, spicy notes that develop a long lasting finish. The Arabica beans are Fairtrade Organic from Sumatra produced by the PPKGO Cooperative and Fairtrade Organic RFA from Peru produced by Sol Y Café (Video 7). The Robusta beans are Fairtrade Organic from Tanzania produced by the KCU (Kagera Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union).

"100% Arabica Espresso Beans, Triple Certified"- All of our Beans are Freshly Roasted to order. The ultimate from the "Primo Caffé Guru" selection is our Premium 100% Arabica Beans. Beans sourced from the Colombian Santa Marta Region (Video 8) and the Aceh Tenga region of Northern Sumatra (Video 9) provide good body, with smoky, spicy and nutty notes and are both Certified 33% Fairtrade-Organic. Beans from the Santa Rosa region of Honduras (Video 10) give a smooth mild finish and are Certified 33% Triple Certified(Fairtrade-Organic-Rainforest Alliance). A truly premium coffee that gives a wealth of flavours. Certification is by The Fairtrade Foundation, Organic by The Soil Association and the Rainforest Alliance giving this coffee its overall Triple Certification.


Why Not Have Your Own Brand of Coffee?...

We are happy to help you create your own brand of coffee. You can have any of our coffees bagged and labelled with your own Company Logo.
We will provide the artwork service FREE OF CHARGE. A minimum order of 18Kg would be required to satisfy production runs.
We can also offer smaller 250g bags if you wish to sell "your coffee" to your customers.

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