We offer Coffee Machine Leasing to brand new & existing businesses on a "Lease Purchase" basis for the price of a couple of coffees a day. Leasing ensures you get the "right" commercial coffee machine for your needs without worrying about the capital outlay. Also known as "Lease to Buy", it's a better option than Lease Rental. There are many benefits to "Lease to Buy" such as spreading the cost, saving capital and then having the option to own outright at the end of the Lease. We can help you with Leasing Commercial Coffee Machines of all types; Commercial Espresso Machines. Bean to Cup Coffee Machines. You can also Lease a whole Coffee Machine Package that includes all the equipment you will need. In fact, you can include any other equipment that you require within your Coffee Machine Lease. For example: Kitchen Equipment, “front of house” equipment and fittings. You name it, it can be Leased.

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What is Coffee Equipment Leasing?

Equipment Leasing is the process of securing the use of pretty much any type of equipment these days; Office equipment, Computers, various types of machinery. Within the Catering Industry this could mean EVERY piece of equipment used in the kitchen and “front of house”. Ovens, Toasting Ovens, Refrigeration, Ovens and Cooking ranges, Deep fat fryers, Food processors etc. Front of house equipment would not only include the very important COFFEE MACHINE, but may also include Panini Grills, Counters, Refrigerated Serve Over Counters, Tills, EPOS systems. Leasing can even be used to finance fabrication works, shop fittings, shop furniture, tables and chairs and building works. All these things cost money, but all are needed when opening a new coffee shop, restaurant etc. For established businesses Leasing can be used to refurbish and replace equipment. 

For new business start ups there is always pressure to save as much money as possible. There are always things that are going to cost more than estimated so savings have to be made somewhere. It might be possible to cut out more luxury items but there are costs that are unavoidable. Getting the right equipment that is necessary to run your business is a cost that has to be made. You can't cut corners here. Cheap unreliable equipment can have a serious impact on your business. Not only can you accumulate high repair cost, you also have "loss of income" whilst waiting for repairs. You might also lose some customers entirely who will go somewhere else and find they like your competitor better! There are advantages to Leasing Coffee Equipment but it's not right for everyone and there are certain requirements. For any business old or new, it will definitely save your cash flow and is a good alternative to buying equipment when spare capital is at a premium.

By entering into a Lease contract to utilize equipment for a specified period of time, a business or individual can enjoy the benefits of usage without having the need for a large capital injection of CASH! Many industries make use of equipment leasing. In some instances, choosing to lease necessary equipment and machinery is an ideal situation for new or established businesses with very little working capital. Rather than investing large amount of limited resources, leasing necessary equipment makes it possible to secure more up to date models and focus on the task of growing the business.

 The Changing Face of Finance

Equipment leasing andequipment finance has changed greatly in the UK in the last few years. The main change, as many business owners are painfully aware, is the lack of availability of funding and finance from the High Street Banks! Although this situation can also affect Leasing, Lease companies also have access to many other friendly industry capital funders. However, some funders will only finance established businesses. A bit of a “Catch 22” situation. This is not the case with Leases arranged by the Coffee Machine Guru's Equipment Suppliers. 75% of all Leases authorised over the last few years have been for “New Start” businesses.

Obtaining conventional Business Loans from the High Street Banks is still not good. A recent report from the Federation of Small Business (2012) stated that 40% of small businesses had been refused credit from their Bank. Also, that Bank lending had fell by some 5%. This is despite calls from the Government over the last few years for Banks to increase their lending to business. The Business Secretary stated that Banks were still risk adverse and a constant source of frustration to the Government. However, there could be “light at the end of the tunnel” The Business Secretary announced in September 2012 of the creation of the Government backed “Small Business Bank.” The other good news is that Leasing increased during this period. Businesses have turned to Leasing to overcome the lack of Bank lending and been successful.

There are other advantages with Equipment Leasing. It’s Tax efficient. Equipment leasing is also an easy way to update equipment. Many lease agreements include provisions that allow older equipment to be exchanged for newer versions. This option can be extremely helpful when a business outgrows the capabilities of an older piece of rental equipment and requires something more robust to keep up with company growth.

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Lease Rental – Lease to Buy – Lease Purchase?

A word of warning with the term “rental.” Some Lease Companies and Suppliers don’t give customers the option to purchase outright. At the end of the Lease period the customer has to renew the Lease for a fixed period of time or give the equipment back to the Lease Company or Supplier. This obviously can create a serious problem.

We make sure that any Lease Companies that equipment suppliers use give customers the option to buy outright at the end of the period. This can usually be done for just for just one extra months payment in most cases. Other alternatives already mentioned are; half way through a Lease you can upgrade to a new/bigger/better machine, the same as you might do when buying a car. Also, if you wish, you should be able to pay off a Lease early with no penalties.

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