WMF 1500S

WMF 1500S

There are quite a few variations of the 1500s models with quite a few options. I've given the "from" prices for the 1500s "Classic"

Based on the NEW GENERATION-Platform, the WMF1500S is WMF's new addition to their range of Bean to Cup Machines. It provides a slim design and excellent coffee quality. The 1500s is the successor to the Presto. It includes all of the great qualities of the previous models and improves upon them in many areas. The new design and the black touch screen immediately catch the eye. With rock-solid workmanship and high-quality components, the WMF1500S is packed with precision and power to make serving exceptional quality beverages a breeze. Specification is up to 150 cups/day and can readily provide 12oz coffee sizes

The many features include:

WMFSteamJet - With the WMFSteamJet every cup will be at the required temperature within seconds. SteamJet is able to give a burst of steam to an empty cup prior to dispensing coffee, effectively heating up the cup, ensuring a consistent drink temperature.

Height-adjustable spout - The height of the spout for coffee can be manually adjusted with one hand. The clearance height (up to 175mm) enables the filling of a pot for breakfast or usage in the office.

Soft sounds for perfect coffee - Through systematic measurements we were able to noticeably reduce noise emissions. Good coffee should smell and taste good but should not be heard!

Automatic cleaning - Automatic cleaning can be activated using the Touch Display. Once you have inserted a cleaning tablet, all coffee-related components will be automatically cleaned.

Patented Plug+Clean milk system cleaner - The patented, tried-and-tested milk cleaning system Plug+Clean cleans all milk-related components with ease while conforming to HACCP.

Fixed water supply or water tank - Depending on your requirement and the given circumstances, a WMF1500S can be equipped with a water tank or a fixed water supply.

Please see attached brochure for full range of features.

Various Milk Options

1 or 2 Grinders,

Chocolate Option

LED Illumination

Hot water

Various cleaning options

Jet Option

Plug and Clean/Easy Clean

Various sizes of Milk Coolers

Other Features:

Adjustable Coffee Spout

Double Milk Frother (2 Milk drinks at once)

Informative Digital Display

Ergonomic Design

Self Cleaning Cycles

Large Coffee Dump Box

Optional Second Grinder

Second Ground Coffee chute (ie Decaff)

Perfect Cappuccino Milk Froth

Hot Water

See attached brochure for more details.

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